Street Plant Lightning Series Barnyard Skateboard Deck 9.5

£64.99 inc. Vat

Limited run of 100 decks worldwide. To Commemorate 30 Years of Professional Skateboarding, Street Plant is honoured to present the: Mike Vallely Lightning Series.

These 3 Boards incorporate the Graphics and Shapes that defined Mike Vallely’s 30 Year Pro Career:

The Powell Peralta Elephant (Mike’s Skated 1988 “Public Domain” Version).
The World Industries Barnyard (1989).
The Powell Lightning Bolt (1997 — incorporated into all 3 Boards).
The Street Axe (2012 w/ 1st Edition Street Plant Graphics By Luke Pelletier from 2015).

Additionally, all 3 Boards feature the 30 Year Insignia on the tail of each Board, as well as a Timeline of Mike’s Pro Career and his Printed Signature on each top.

All 3 Boards Designed By Rob Wallace.

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